06 July 2017 @ 01:59 am

I'm Nee, an architecture student from Portugal.
Apart from art/craftsmanship/design, I'm also interested in history, languages and, mostly, sleeping. I like staying at home more than anything (probably) and my hobbies include cooking, napping, feeling sorry for myself, drawing, petting animals (mostly my cat Alaska), singing and playing Tomb Raider.

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My posts are mainly Arashi related: graphics, fanart and (occasionally) covers.
I have a tendency to go on random and very passionate rants on occasion (big, big rants).
You have been warned.

I'm open to graphic requests -icons, wallpapers, headers- so request away!

Message me regarding graphic requests (or if you just wanna chat!)
Leave an introduction comment before adding. It's not mandatory, but I appreciate it.
Feel free to leave me some constructive criticism.
I won't tolerate any kind of disrespectful behavior/comments so please try to be nice.
Don't take credit for any of the original content I post.

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26 May 2017 @ 11:09 pm
I've been in the mood to draw my friends lately, for some reason. My friends making ugly faces specifically. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I've stopped questioning my weird bouts of inspiration at this point.

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In unrelated news:
‌• recently watched NigeHaji and it was just as good as people made it out to be, it's right up there with my all-time fave dramas right now. 10/10

• also watched Okitegami Kyouko because I'm in an Aragaki hype right now. The first 2 or 3 eps didn't get to me all that much, BUT from then onwards it was so so good?? Once I got used to the concept it got pretty interesting. The cast is super cute and fluffy too, 10+ points for that. The chemistry between Okada Masaki and Gakki was really nice and his character was so wholesome??? I want me some more male characters like that, Japanese entertainment take notes. Note: bless whoever dresses Gakki in her recent dramas, the aesthetic is on point.

• Paramore's new album After Laughter is so good. It took me a couple of run-throughs to get used to the new music and fully appreciate the lyrics but now I'm all in. It's literally all I've been listening to for the past two weeks.

• Currently watching Kindaichi with Kamenashi playing the lead, and girl, let me tell you~ this is gotta be the worst rendition of Kindaichi to date. I've got nothing against Kame and I've been pretty excited about his new drama with Yamapi + Kaitou Yamaneko has been on my to-watch list for a while actually, but damn this is just cringy. The acting, the script, most of the cast, everything really. Ueno Juri is the only one I can appreciate, but then I'm super biased about her so.

• Last but not least, WE WON EUROVISION!!! You guys have no idea how happy this makes me, it's our first time ever winning this contest and we absolutely deserved it this year (for the first time lmao) + Salvador and Luísa Sobral (our contestant and composer respectively) got the highest score ever in Eurovision history, it was such a beautiful moment. Not to mention how proud I am that we sent a jazz musician to represent us, bless the introduction of the jury on our national selection. I can't remember ever liking a song we sent but this song was music art at its finest and the staging was a perfect fit (I've already talked about it in a previous post though so there won't be any rambling about it here woop). Oh, and I might be attending Salvador's concert in July with a couple of friends which is super cool.
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11 April 2017 @ 12:40 am
Hi guys!

I'm just here to post a couple of doodles I did of Nino's face the other day because it seems like that's all I feel like drawing lately sorry not sorry.

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Also, regarding the whole Livejournal issue, I backed up my journal on Dreamwidth a while back just in case and now it seems like everyone's moving there so hmm you can add me at matakyou if you like. I'm not planning on leaving lj but I would hate to lose track of you guys and the fandom in general so move I must (meaning I'm going to start cross-posting lol). Oh, and if any of you use Tumblr, you can find me there as well!

Kisses (。・ω・。)ノ♡
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09 March 2017 @ 12:19 am
Hi there, guys!

It's been a while right? I've been busy with class projects (as usual) and, honestly, there hasn't been much going on in my life besides art school & my rediscovered love for Tomb Raider (I never really stopped loving it shhh). In unrelated news, I'm currently rewatching the first two seasons of River Monsters and *accidentally* skipped sleep last night because of it and am now properly rethinking my life priorities (it's pretty much my sanity VS angling shows at this point hmm). So that's that.

BUT what I really came here to post about is Eurovision. I've been watching the Eurovision contest every year since I can remember, mostly for the kicks but I can get pretty serious about it if the occasion calls for that. And this year really calls for that.

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08 January 2017 @ 09:37 pm
Hey guys!

As promised, I'm posting my first icon batch here on lj.
Criticism is welcome and encouraged.

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29 December 2016 @ 02:44 am
I haven't made a post in awhile and it's kinda sad that this is the first one I make right after Christmas but I really need to get this whole scandal stuff off my chest, so here you go.

(Cross-posted on tumblr cuz that's where I first read about it. Also, rly badly written and messy af cuz I'm too worked up at the moment to edit and spell-check and all that jazz. You have been warned.)

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Now that that's dealt with, I'll take this chance to say that I'm posting my first Arashi icon batch here on lj in the next couple of days.
I had meant to post something since Jun's bday but the external drive where I stored my edits and pretty much all my Arashi stuff conveniently broke down on me and I didn't have the time to work on anything else after Summer break.
I have to warn you, though, that it'll only be my second time trying to make icons and that I'm still working on making them pretty and everything, but I hope you guys might enjoy them anyways as a late Christmas present of sorts for the fandom ^^

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30 October 2016 @ 01:01 am
Hi people!

So: my apartment nearly burnt down yesterday.

Yes, there was a fire over here yesterday and it really scared the living hell out of me.
I live in an old building, though my apartment is basically new since it had a lot of work done before I moved in and stuff. Still, ~old building~ and old buildings sometimes mean old plumbing systems (thankfully not my case) and old electrical systems (sadly my case).
Long story short, there was a pretty nasty short-circuit over here and, at some point, I got stuck inside the apartment with flames right outside my front door.
Not nice guys, not nice.

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Okay, so that was my amazing tale of woe of the year.
Sorry for making such a long post out of this, I really needed to get it out of my chest, and thanks for sticking with me 'til the end in case you bothered to read all of it ^^

Kisses xx
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