29 December 2016 @ 02:44 am
I haven't made a post in awhile and it's kinda sad that this is the first one I make right after Christmas but I really need to get this whole scandal stuff off my chest, so here you go.

(Cross-posted on tumblr cuz that's where I first read about it. Also, rly badly written and messy af cuz I'm too worked up at the moment to edit and spell-check and all that jazz. You have been warned.)

Srsly, don’t people ever get tired of making this big a fuss every time some shady tabloid publishes this kind of story?

It tires the frick out of me tbh.

Like damn guys, it’s pretty damn obvious they’ll put out anything for money, it’s literally their job. But still, some of you choose to believe their bs *sigh*

I mean c’mon, for one we don’t even know if Jun and Mao are/were together at all despite the ‘evidence’ or whatever, so how can we call it cheating? And, assuming they are/were, how do we know he cheated at all? The concept of male idols/actors/celeb folk being simply friends or acquainted with fellow female human beings is still an absolutely foreign concept to a lot of ppl apparently.

That is, if you rule out that this whole thing is a big scam, which it most likely is.

People tend to forget their idols are also human beings and are bound to screw up like everyone else. Some fans just can't accept they're not knights in shining armor. And, while most people find cheating morally wrong (not implying it isn’t), does it inherently make them bad people? I don’t think so. Especially if it’s something like that, it could be a lot worse in my opinion. And, assuming it’s true, we don’t know what may have led to it in the first place. We don’t know anything rly, everyone’s freaking out over suppositions.

People are literally getting mad on behalf of (again supposedly) Mao wth.

I understand it sucks to have the image you had of your idol destroyed but I don’t think it’s anyone’s business to make judgments of character just because smth like this comes out.

And do people even realize how much these articles hurt the people they’re about (regardless of them being true or not), take Narimiya Hiroki and Becky for example. Even Ohno. It sucked big time seeing him so hurt back in 2008. These mags are freaking vultures they literally live off this bs.

Another thing that bothers me is that when AV actresses are involved everyone assumes that, because they work in the porn industry, they are automatically screwing every man they’re associated with. It’s 2016, can we please stop with these stupid stereotypes? Regardless of your opinion on AV, it is NOT okay to judge women (or men) for their choice of job. They deserve respect like everyone else. So can we stop referring to them as ‘those women’? It rly makes me sick.

On another note, some people really need to stop acting like entitled fangirls every time a new rumor of their fav and a girl comes out, I can't stress this enough. And no, I’m not specifically talking about this one, but you can take Nino’s and Ohno’s recent rumors as examples of what I'm referring to.

And guys, you need to remember that, as sincere as we may think our Arashi boys are with us, we only know the professional Arashi, the Arashi doing their job, we don’t know them personally, we know their public image. And, in my opinion, a supposed affair doesn't erase everything Jun stands for and has worked for as an idol. Yes, I know it's part of the job to be in the spotlight like that but I think it’s best not to mix up their personal life with their careers (same goes for any other celebs rly), idk maybe that's just me.

It’s already bad enough with the many restrictions (especially relationship-wise) they have due to their line of work, let them at least keep a last bit of privacy ff’s sake. It’s gotta suck having to go to such great lengths to even go out without being bothered, can you imagine that? If we love and respect them as much as we say we do, as fans, shouldn’t we also respect that privacy?

And to finish this: if any of this is true, then it’s up to Jun, Mao (and possibly the AV actress mentioned) to sort it out, let’s stop with the improvised fan court thing already yeah? Let's stop acting like we're entitled to know what goes on in their private lives.

Kay I’m done.

Now that that's dealt with, I'll take this chance to say that I'm posting my first Arashi icon batch here on lj in the next couple of days.
I had meant to post something since Jun's bday but the external drive where I stored my edits and pretty much all my Arashi stuff conveniently broke down on me and I didn't have the time to work on anything else after Summer break.
I have to warn you, though, that it'll only be my second time trying to make icons and that I'm still working on making them pretty and everything, but I hope you guys might enjoy them anyways as a late Christmas present of sorts for the fandom ^^

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