06 October 2016 @ 09:29 pm
Hey guys! How's everyone?

I'm sick atm so I decided to stay at home feeling sorry for myself and marathoning the first seasons of Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo. Aah~ I'd nearly forgotten how cute young Tsuyoshi was. Not that he isn't cute now, heck, Tsuyoshi is cute no matter what (shsh I have a soft spot for him sue me) but him playing Kindaichi does rly bad things to my heart.

I started watching the first season last week and instantly got hooked, I had watched a couple of Jun's eps from season 3 before and decided it wasn't for me, despite him looking super adorable. However, Kindaichi with the original cast has a totally different feeling to it, I absolutely love it. This stuff is surprisingly gory for a teen show and that shocked me at first, I wasn't expecting that much blood & guts, but in the end it made me like it even more and despite all the gore and stuff it's also really funny so extra points for that!

It's not really about how good they are at acting (they're not thaaaat good and it can be a bit cringe-worthy at times, especially the ep-exclusive actors jfc) and the special effects are exactly what you can expect from a japanese drama from '95, not that I'm complaining tho, because in the end it's all part of its charm you know? Honestly, the nostalgic vibe is what gets me.

It's a pity that they had a complete cast change after season 2, I really wish they'd kept the same actors for a couple of seasons more. Tsuyoshi and Tomosaka Rie had really good chemistry, which I don't feel with Matsujun and Suzuki Anne at all (and that's a shame because I loved Anne in Stand Up). Somehow their versions of the characters seem more childish and kinda lack complexity?

Anyways if reading this made you the least bit curious, do give it a try! I especially recommend the Academy's Seven Mysteries Murder Case SP ^^.

In unrelated news, as I've mentioned before, I'm really excited about drawing classes this year, we just got started on my favourite subject -Anatomy- and I'm having a blast!

We're currently taking turns posing for each other and doing quick 5-15 min sketches at a time and it's going really well for me, I feel like I've finally made some real progress since last year.
Our teacher is also so so nice and gives really good criticism and tips!

Anyways I'll leave you guys with a couple of sketches I drew these past few weeks in class, hope everyone has a nice weekend!

kisses <3

PS: I still haven't got any news about my external disk drive and I don't know if that's good or bad...
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